A video showing a man believed to be a Ugandan pastor, his wife and their daughter walking completely naked in public to allegedly follow the footsteps of Adam and Eve has emerged online and sparked numerous reactions.Pastor, wife, and daughter walk totally naked in public to imitate Adam and Eve ,,A twitter user identified as @EricJimmyLevi shared the explicit footage on his page on Monday, July 17, which has left users of the microblogging site reacting with hilarious comments while others question the mental health status of the family.

“You know, am here thinking about that pastor who decided to walk naked with his wife and daughter, like what amount of Holy Spirit came unto them?” @Lenoxug asked on Twitter.The video which has gone viral, shows some people in the community could be seen gathering around to mock the pastor, his wife and their daughter but that was not enough to make them reverse their decision.Some Ugandans on Twitter have called for the arrest of the reported man of God and his wife for subjecting their innocent young daughter to what in their view was demeaning.

“The innocent kid, arrest the pastor and the wife now!” @withAlvin wrote.Another user, @Klausepoch said that the said man of God must have misunderstood the Holy Bible, hence managing to convince his family to embark on this mission that only subjects them to perpetual ridicule.“Even Jesus himself used to wear clothes. Had a robe! Kati which Bible does that pastor read surely,” the Twitter user wrote.Meanwhile, one other Twitter user has a different view from those of the other users. He didn’t see anything wrong with what the clergyman and his family have done.

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