magical wedding ring

A woman almost lost her finger after wearing a wedding ring she bought from a friend.

Her finger became swollen and extended to the entire hand, with all attempts, including the use of various implements in a bid to free her finger from the grip of the strange ring, proving futile.

According to a report by UTV, the married woman had misplaced the wedding ring her husband had placed on her finger. However, she had a funeral to attend where familiar people including notable church members would be in attendance, so she decided to buy another ring to avoid answering too many questions and suspicions.

Faustina’s friend who is said to be into the sale of wedding materials offered to sell her one and she did. However, a day after wearing the ring, she could not remove it, and it kept eating into her skin. As all efforts failed, she was taken to a health centre for help, but the health workers and a mortuary attendant who was also called at a point could not help. A pastor was invited to pray over the swollen hand before they proceeded to use a plier to loosen the bizarre ring from the woman from Ghana.

Her hand is now left with a painful wound which the nurses have dressed and asked her to report daily for proper treatment to avoid any infection whatsoever.

Interestingly, the friend who sold the ‘magical’ ring to her has vanished into thin air and all attempts to find her did not materialize

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