A 19-year-old man suspected of stealing women’s underwear in Tegeyat village, Mosop sub-county, Nandi County has been caught. 

This Follows series of mysterious disappearance of female inner garments reported in the area.

For several weeks, there has been rising cases of women reporting the disappearance of their inner wear from the hanging lines at night upon which they launched a searching exercise from one house to another within the village.

On Monday, the man was found with female underwear in his house.

According to Tegeyat village elder Kiptanui Ronoh the suspect was nabbed with 20  women underwear and other type of clothes wrapped in bags.

The suspect, Joel Kimurgor confessed having stolen the underwear from different houses in the village so as to please his girlfriend who had requested him to buy new undergarments for her as way of showing love.

Sarah Kibet, a resident of Tegeyat village condemned the incident saying that it was an abomination in Kalenjin community to steal undergarment, adding that it was  commonly practiced  by witch-doctors and sorcerers .

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