A man in Nigeria now has less then 24 hours to kill his cockerel which had become a nuisance in the area.

A court in northern Nigeria’s largest city of Kano gave Malam Yusuf until Friday, April 7 to kill the cockerel following a complaint by one of his neighbour’s about the constant and noisy crowing, which deprives him of sleep.

Magistrate Halima Wali, while issuing the orders on Tuesday, declared the bird a nuisance to the neighbourhood, as reported by AFP.

Good thing is that Yusuf had bought the bird to celebrate Good Friday. He pleaded with the court to give him until the Christian holy day before killing it for a family feast.

Magistrate Wali in turn gave the accused his request, but ordered him to ensure that cockerel does not roam the area.

Failure to slaughter the bird on Friday, the court made it clear that he will be penalised harshly.

Even with all this, it has to be mentioned that keeping livestock and poultry in homes across much of Nigeria is not illegal.

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