Detectives have arrested a man who raped a mentally ill granny last night before going into hiding, in Mwala, Machakos County.

Joseph Muema, 45, is currently in custody following his arrest for the despicable act that shocked residents of Ikuuni village in Kindaruma Sub Location.

Earlier, the suspect had sneaked into the bedroom of the 77-year-old victim before being caught in the act by the victim’s son, who had gone to check on his mother at around 11pm.

The son’s arrival prompted Muema to escape leading to a chase, but the reportee was overpowered by the fleeing suspect prompting him to call police for assistance.

Luckily, the suspect had left behind his pair of trousers & akala (tyre-made sandals), making it easier for the search team to trace him in the wee hours of the morning.

Both the suspect and the victim were escorted to Mbiuni level 4 hospital where medical tests indeed confirmed that the victim had been raped. The suspect is currently in custody being processed to face rape charges

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