An examiner was expelled from Alliance Girls High School on Thursday, January 12 after she was caught by CCTV cameras stealing clothes from her colleagues.The female examiner was caught stealing clothes, including face towels, inner clothes .Alliance Girls High School Administration representative confirmed that the teacher had been turned over to authorities following review of the clip.“The officials of the examination center came and watched the CCTV video, then went to the examiner,” the representative confirmed.

The teacher stole wet clothes that were hung on a clothesline. It was later reported that the examiner is a Kiswahili teacher from one of the best schools in the country.“The case was treated as a criminal case and received due attention from the security officials of the examination center,” the administration added.

Alliance Girls High School security officers also confirmed that the examiner had been asked to formally write a statement about the allegations made against her.The victims were also called in to identify clothing that had been plucked from the clothesline behind the girls’ dormitory.The school’s security officials also reported the matter to Kiambu Police Station, which took up the investigation.However, it is not clear whether the female teacher will be charged in court or warned and pardoned.

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