A Form Four student from Kamunda Secondary School in Awendo, Migori County has been arrested for allegedly faking his own abduction and demanding Ksh.20,000 ransom from his mother.22-year-old Joseph Odhiambo was frog-marched to Awendo police station by his mother after admitting that his alleged kidnapping was nothing but a ruse.Odhiambo claimed to have been abducted by unknown individuals on January 5, 2023, before showing up at his mother’s doorsteps on January 9, clad in blood-stained clothes

Upon questioning by police, Odhiambo admitted to having sent numerous texts to his mother demanding the said ransom which he claimed would go towards clearing his school fees.He also told police that he bought blood from a local butchery and sprinkled it on his clothes in an attempt to give off the impression that he had been roughed up by his imaginary abductors.

Grace Otieno, Odhiambo’s mother, has however dismissed her son’s claims telling police that he had no pending fee arrears prior to the bizarre incident.Awendo Sub-County Police Commander Cleti Kimaiyo said that investigations into the matter are currently ongoing and that disciplinary action would be taken against Odhiambo.

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