Samuel Minani, also known as Baby, from Burundi told Afrimax TV that he is a full-fledged man but he decided to live like a woman, dress like one about 25 years ago in order to avoid being killed.

“I was not born this way. I changed slowly,” he said.

According to him, the decision to portray himself as a woman came to his mind during a civil war in his country in which gangs were targeting men.

“I heard a voice from the heart telling me to dress up like a woman. Then, one day, the perpetrators knocked on my door, looking for the man of the house. But I told them only women lived there, and when they searched the house, they did not find the man, and they left.

He admitted that his feminine look made people think that he was a woman, but in fact, he was a man.

The couple said they faced criticism in the beginning, but they got used to their lifestyle.

“Physically, I’m a man, but mentally I am a woman,” Baby said.

Some people speculate that Baby and his wife, Irambona Denyse might be lesbians, but she rejected the claims, saying her husband is manly, has all male features, and satisfies her well, including in bed.

“That is why we have a big family,” Denyse said to defend her husband.

The woman said their lifestyle has helped them cut costs in terms of their wardrobe because they both wear feminine clothes.

Everyone wears the same clothes, so no one has their own clothes. Everyone wears whatever they want,” she added.

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